Dog Supplies You Can Get Online and Tips for Easy Travel

As much as you love your dog, you have to admit that having them tag along your trips can be difficult. They can possibly make a mess in your car, they may feel uncomfortable in the new environment or you worry that they may go off to the sunset in a foreign land and never come back. One way or another, you just know that one or more things would go wrong. So you need to be ready with dog supplies online and dog travel tips.

You cannot be blamed for feeling this way. Especially if you are really not used to bring your pet around in your travels. The Dog Stuff, a Sydney-based online dog supply store, has collected some tips that can help you chase away your travel blues involving your pup. With the help of these tips, you can start enjoying your travel instead of worrying.

When you are with your dog, even an hour-long trip to the vet or even just the park may come to be a challenging task. You are not alone in this. Many dog owners are experiencing the same hardship as you.

Does Travelling with Your Pet have to be Difficult?

You do not need to have the Mission Impossible theme be playing in the background when you are travelling with your pup. You just need to be ready for the trip. You should know what to bring and how to handle any possible situation. So get on an online dog supply store and get all the supplies you may need.

Some dog owners actually prefer to bring their canine companion since leaving them at home can be worrisome in itself. But bringing them along is not exactly a piece of cake either. Everything can be solved through careful preparation.

Tips for an Easy Travel with Your Dog

As you know, planning a road trip with your dog is not as easy as loading your pup in the back seat of the car. This is especially true if it is going to be a long trip. The mere task of taking your dog outside is a challenge already, what more if you are about to go for a long distance drive to a summer or holiday getaway.

Here are some useful tips that you can follow to ensure a fun safe trip with your canine best friend:

1. To make sure that your pup does not move around too much and get injured during the trip, keep your dog in a well-ventilated crate or carrier.

Note that there are different kinds of material for crates and carriers. Choose what you think is convenient for you and what is comfortable for your pup.

Types of Crate/Carrier:

  • Wire mesh
  • Hard plastic
  • Soft-sided

It is important for you to choose a crate or carrier that is large enough for your dog to stand, sit, lie down and turn around in. You can easily get a crate or a crater on a cheap online pet store in Australia.

Bonus Tip: Get your dog comfortable in using the carrier or crate in the comforts of your home prior to your big trip. This will ensure that your dog would not make a fuzz once it has to actually stay in it for your long drive.

2. Prepare your pet for a long trip by giving them a bit of practice through a series of short drives.

Gradually lengthen the time spent on the drive. This is also a good practice for you so you can figure out how to safely place the carrier or crate on an area where it would not slide or shift in case of a sudden stop.

3. It is not really a good idea to change your pup’s feeding schedule during the trip, but you may have to make some few tweaks to ensure that there would not be any problem while you are on the move.

Start your dog’s travel-feeding schedule should begin with a light meal three or four hours before you get on your vehicle and drive. You are not supposed to feed your dog while on a moving vehicle, but one or two treats would not hurt especially on a long drive.

4. It is important that you do not leave your canine pet alone in a parked vehicle.

Even if you leave the windows open, it can still get hot like a furnace inside a car. Your dog can possibly suffer a heat stroke. And in the case of cold weather, your dog can still suffer from the extreme coldness inside the vehicle.

5. You should prepare a travel kit for your dog with dog supplies online.

What should your pup’s travel kit contain?

  • Travel papers- this is especially important if you are planning to travel to another country.
  • Food and bowl- it goes without saying that your dog needs to eat. Eating in its own bowl would give your dog a sense of home.
  • Leash - this would make it easier for you to walk around. You have to admit that it is much easier for your dog on its own rather having to carry them around along with your luggage.
  • Waste scoop and plastic bags
  • Grooming supplies - being away from home does not mean your dog has to forget all about hygiene.
  • Medication- if your pup has a medical condition, make sure that you have their medicines with you to avoid an emergency.
  • Toys or a pillow - these items can help in giving your dog a sense of familiarity.

    6. Another safety precaution is having a microchip for your dog.

    This would help in establishing your pup’s identity. Your dog’s collar should also have your contact numbers along with other relevant contact information (like your vet’s). This can help in the case that your dog gets lost by accident. Any concerned citizen would know how to find you.

    Bonus tip: Flat collars are the better choice for your pup as it would not choke your canine buddy. Any online dog supply store would have a variety of flat collars that you can choose from.