Dog Supplies Online and Tips for Maintaining a Clean House

You know that you are an adult when you find joy in buying new sponges and finding promos on dustpans. You are not sure what you are going to do with three new dustpans, but hey! You can save 25% and get them in three different colours.

Your house is your safe haven and sanctuary from the noise outside the busy life of the city. Having a clean house is a vital part of recharging yourself for the next day. Maintaining your house is a tedious chore on its own, imagine having to do it with a playful dog.

Dogs are also effective stress relievers, but if you have owned one for quite a while, you would know that they have their fair share of mischievousness that leads to quite a lot of mess. We are talking about murdered pillows, scratched floors, bite marks on chairs, shredded papers everywhere and if your dog is quite bold, they may find their way to your dog food stash and scatter it all over the floor for some treats party.

You may even find yourself in a dilemma of telling your dog off or just letting ago because they greet you with so much excitement at the door.

The bottom line here is that no one likes a messy house. Some people deprive themselves of the joy of having a dog because they feel like these balls of fluff will mess up their homes and yard.

Fret not as there are ways to keep your house clean while taking care of a playful furball!

Tips for Maintaining a Clean House and Having a Dog

1. Get Yourself a Hand Vacuum

A hand vacuum can make your life so much easier. Getting the big vacuum for cleaning up a few hair or crumbs on the couch or the floor is just not worth the effort. But of course, you are not from the wilds so you cannot just let that dirt sit on your furniture. A hand vacuum will save you so much effort from having to set up a massive vacuum, but still get the results that you want.

2. Wash Your Pet’s Paws

It is a good idea to wash your furball’s paws after a blissful playtime at the park. This is a two-in-one solution as it makes sure that your house is safe from dirt and grass on top of securing your dog from possible allergies. These external elements can actually cause some sensitivities in dogs. So making this a habit will benefit you and your pup.

3. Making Use of Puppy Pads

You can use antibacterial puppy pads for training your dog to urinate on that one spot. Puppy pads can normally hold up to 4 cups of fluids. You can easily change this in the mornings once you feel like it is full. You can get these puppy pads on cheap online pet stores in Australia.

4. Make use of Lint Rollers

If you have been a dog owner for a while, you would know how useful these babies are. This is especially true if you are a fan of black clothes or if your pants for work is always in dark colours. Although this is also applicable if your pup is black and you like wearing white. Normally, these are used to remove dog hair from your clothes. But much like the hand vacuum, you can use this to remove small amounts of fur here and there.

5. Clean Your Dog’s Nails

Dogs like to bite and scratch things when they are bored and if their nails are long enough. It can damage the floors. Let a professional groomer give your pet a mani-pedi package. Or you can do it yourself, you can buy dog supplies like pet nail clippers online. Just make sure that you know how to use the tool. You do not want to hurt your furball.

6. Keep Some Disinfectant Wipes Around

Disinfectant wipes can be used to clean your pup’s toilet area. You can use this side by side with an antibacterial puppy pad. This can quickly disinfect the floor plus it helps deodorise the room. This will keep your home from smelling like dog urine.

7. Having a Designated Toy Box

If you like to spoil your canine furball with toys from cheap online pet stores in Australia, then cleaning up them up would be an additional item to your chores. Having a designated toy box helps you keep all your pup’s toys in one place and once your dog learns that the toys are meant to go there, they may even start putting them there on their own.

8. Investing on a Stain Remover

There would be times that your dog would vomit or make some liquid mess. With a mischievous clingy pup around, we can guarantee that there will be some spillage of drink or food. Some of these stains would not be easy to remove by hand or with just the normal solutions. Lifesaver on a good stain remover would help you maintain a clean home.

9. Having a Food Station and Placemat

Much like the toilet spot and the toy box, it is a good idea to have a designated food station for your dog. You can use a placemat underneath your dog’s water bowl and food bowl to minimise the possible mess during your dog’s feeding time. The placemat significantly makes it easy for you to clean the spot.

10. Getting a Dog Bed

If your dog has no kennel or a dog house of its own, then the next best thing is a dog bed. The dog bed gives your pup a sense of a second home. Of course, for your pup, you are their first home. Having a dog bed gives them a territory. They know that they should stay on that spot. Having a designated dog bed keeps the mess to a minimal since your pup knows where to go when it has nothing better to do.