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Dogs are too good for this world, this is probably why they live way shorter than humans. Any dog owner would agree that they would do anything to keep their pups forever. Since dogs live short, you would want to spend those years basking in happiness. So you might end up spending most of your time in dog supplies online stores buying toys for your pup.

Dogs have a simple concept of happiness. They find a stick they like-- they are happy, they play with the ball you got online from a dog supply store-- they are in bliss, and for them, anytime that you are with them is the best time ever.

The key to a long life is obviously staying healthy. It is a no-brainer that you should keep your dog at tip-top shape to ensure that they live as long as they possibly can. The worst thing about dogs is not the fact that they sometimes chew on your new shoes or that they dig holes in the yard. The worst thing about these pups is the fact that they live short.

Dog Supplies Online | Tips on Making Your Dog Live Longer

Make sure that your dog is at a healthy weight

Dogs who are leaner are less prone to getting cardiovascular problems. This is why you should look out for what they eat. Maybe you should lay off the treats especially if your pup is feeling a bit chubby.

You may think that a dog looks cute when they are fat, but keep in mind that having more fats in their body can risk their health. You need to resist their puppy eyes and feed them according to a schedule.

As mentioned previously, you should look out for what your dog is eating. You could consult your vet should you decide to slowly incorporate organic food into your dog’s diet. Protein is an important part of your dog’s diet, but substituting possibly unhealthy treats with vegetables or fruits is not a bad idea.

Make sure you research if the human food you are feeding your dog is safe for your canine friend. Some food may be healthy for humans but deadly to dogs. You can check out some cheap but high-quality dog goodies on online pet stores in Australia.

You and your dog should take a morning walk

Make sure that you and your dog are active. Keeping your dog active means more exercise for you. So this actually kills two birds with one stone. Your pup needs to exercise. Your dog needs to go jogging, walking, or running on a regular basis.

This may sound like a hassle at first but once you have developed a routine to ensure that both you and your dog are getting the physical activity you need-- then everything will feel easier. Both you and your dog need these activities in order to stay in good shape.

Keep your dog’s mind healthy

It is true that dogs are like humans in the sense that they have different personalities. Some dogs are extroverts and some prefer cuddling with their owner in the comforts of their own home. But no matter how introverted you and your dog are, both humans and canines cannot stay in isolation for long periods of time.

Socialisation plays an important part in keeping your dog healthy. And as you know, a happy dog is a healthy dog and a healthy dog means a longer lifespan for your pup.

There are many benefits to a dog when they spend some time with other dogs. So go ahead and take your pup to dog parks and beaches where they can play and learn how to be well- adjusted to the presence of others from a young age.

Give your pup lots of affection

This is probably the easiest item on this list. Dogs are loving, sweet and adorable. It is impossible not to coo at them and want to hug them. Being happy is part of being healthy. Your pup needs some positive interaction to survive. Giving your dog the love that it deserves could make your dog live longer.

You need to keep your house nice and clean

Dogs are actually more fragile than we make them out to be. It is important for you to maintain a living environment that is free of toxins and harmful chemicals. By keeping your house clean, you will lessen the possibility that your dog develops allergies or become sick due to toxins.

Dogs can be quite curious so make sure that you keep household cleaners, soap and other unsafe things out of their reach. The last thing you want your pup to do is ingest something inedible or poisonous to them.

You should build a healthy and close relationship with your pup

Relationships are important to both dogs and humans. Since your dog is pretty much the best life companion that you will ever get, it is important to keep a healthy relationship with them. This will keep them happy-- happiness is one of the keys to a long healthy life.

Get your dog Neutered or Spayed

Getting neutered may sound like a painful process for your male dog, but this would lengthen and improve his quality of life. This will also improve YOUR life. Getting neutered will stop him from marking his territories, getting into fights with other dogs and running away from home.

They say there is a rainbow after the rain and this is true about getting neutered. Your male dog would be generally happy and calm after recovering from the procedure. During your pup’s recovery, you could buy him a soft bed or a new toy from an online dog supply store to keep him comfortable.

You would also be saving yourself from a life of cleaning your dog’s urine, being the referee to a dogfight or heartbreak from worrying about your dog’s whereabouts.

Give your dog some space

It is true that you need to give your dog lots of affection. Every moment counts for your canine friend. However, remember to give your pup some space. Your dog needs to feel strong and independent on its own once in a while. Let your pup relax.