Does Your Dog Love You?

If you want the short and quick answer, then the answer is YES. Go visit our dog supplies online store and give your pup back some love.  However, if you want proof and signs that your dog does love you, then read on.

It is mind-boggling how someone can have so much trust issues to even doubt the love of their dog. Oh, Honey, Sweetie, Baby… Who hurt you? Maybe your ex cheated on you or lied to you about loving you so they can reap the benefits of dating you, but your dog would never do that. It would not happen in a million years and it would not happen even if your dog reincarnates a hundred times.

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Dogs are very lovable companions to the point that you would want to buy all the dog supplies online just to make sure that they have everything that they deserve. They are loyal, cuddly and they can make you laugh effortlessly. There are just so much to love about dogs. Once you get a dog, it is guaranteed that you will fall in love with them. And you are sure that it is the right decision because they will never leave you till the last days of their lives. They may only be a part of your life, but you are the whole world to them. If human beings can learn how to commit and love like a dog, then the world would be a much better place.

We have established that it is impossible not to fall in love with a dog, but your question still stands. How do you know your dog loves you? Again, the short and concise answer is YES. But to give you clues on how to know for sure, here are some of the things that your dog may be doing to show you that they love you and that they are comfortable around you.

1. They make eye contact with you.

Dogs do not normally like eye contact with strangers. It makes them uncomfortable and threatened which then will cause them to bark at the unfamiliar entity. Eye contact is considered a good communication practice and habit. This shows that the person you are talking to is engaged and interested in you and everything that you have to say.

This is not exactly the case with dogs. They do not understand eye contact the way we do. However, your furball would stare at you, their favourite person in the whole wide world, as a sign of their love and respect. If you cannot see the whites of your dog’s eyes, this means that they are especially comfortable in your presence. You do not need to buy them toys and treats from a cheap online pet store in Australia, but with the level of their sweetness, you may not be able to stop yourself from doing so.

2. They wag their tails when they see you.

A wagging tail means a happy dog. Apart from happiness, this is also a sign of affection towards you. When a dog is relaxed, they can easily wag their tails in your presence. This also means that they are relaxed when they are around you. There would be times when your pup would wag their tails but they are annoyed or angry. You can tell the two apart by how stiff their muscles are as they wag their tail. Keep in mind that the stiffer their muscles as they wag their tail, the more annoyed or mad they are and the more relaxed they are the happier your dog is.

3. They would yawn in your presence.

When a human yawns, this means that they are tired or that they want to go to sleep. For dogs, it is a sign of affection. When a dog is playing with you, they may release a yawn to let you know that they are not actually going to hurt you. Also, if you yawn in front of your dog, they would yawn back at you. This would not happen if a stranger were to yawn in front of your dog.

4. They would lift their eyebrows.

If you do not believe the wagging of your dog’s tail, then you can pay attention to their facial expressions. Your dog’s brows may not be on fleek, but they are cute especially when they use it to say that they love you. Your dog will lift their brows when they see you to show that they are happy that you are there with them.

5. They would snuggle with you.

If your dog goes to you for a snuggle, then this is a sure sign that they love you. There are a lot of spaces in your house where they can rest their little head, but they choose to cuddle up and sleep with your instead. There may be times that you would even wonder why you even bough dog bed supplies online since your fluffer always sleeps beside you anyways.

6. They would be sleeping next to you.

Even a domesticated dog is still a pack animal at heart. Dogs in a pack normally huddle with their pack members in the wild, but since they consider you as a family they would sleep close to you instead. Your dog would never do this to a person that they are not comfortable with.

7. They would smile at you.

Yes, you read right. Dogs can smile. You are not imagining things when you see the corners of your furball’s mouth curl up into a smile. Dogs would only do this when they are feeling happy and affectionate.

8. They would lean against you.

Dogs would lean against you to show that they feel safest when they are with you. They might be doing this because they feel anxious, needs a cuddle or wants to feel extra secure or comfortable. This is not only a sign of affection. This is also a sign of trust.

9. They would steal your clothes.

Whether you just went through a breakup or your significant other is at work and you are left at home, you would know how smelling their scent off of their clothes gives you a sense of comfort. Sure, if you have just broken up then there might be a smudge of hatred somewhere there, but their scent would still smell like home. That is how it is with your dog.

Dogs experience their surroundings through scent. It may be quite tiring to chase them all around the house to get your sock back, but they just want to feel your presence through your smell. Do not encourage this habit, but appreciate the meaning behind it.