Things To Know Before Buying A Cavoodle

Cavoodles have been heralded Australia’s most popular dog breeds. This is due to their size and the fact that they don’t shed much hair. Although they are friendly and absolutely adorable, it’s important to look at all factors when considering buying a Cavoodle. As dog owners, this article will give you reasons why you should make a Cavoodle your next pet, Cavoodle behaviour problems, Cavoodle health conditions, Cavoodle shampoo you should use, things to look out for when buying a Cavoodle, and what to do when bringing your Cavoodle back to your humble abode.

Things to know before buying a cavoodle

Cavoodle Puppy Australia: The Irresistible Crossbreed

The Cavoodle, also known as a Cavapoo, is a crossbreed between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. This delightful blend of two distinct yet complementary breeds results in a dog that's not only incredibly cute but also highly intelligent and affectionate. This crossbreed is particularly cherished for its hypoallergenic coat, which is great news for those with allergies.

So why choose a Cavoodle puppy Australia? 

Earlier I touched on the fact that they are a great size and don’t shed much hair, but there is so much more to these dog breeds.


  1. Free from Cavoodle Behaviour Problems
    The look of a Cavoodles can vary based on which breed is the most dominant (they’re a mix between a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), like us humans. Cavoodle behaviour problems are very few and regardless of which side of the family they take after they are all so adorable.
  2. They Don’t Shed
    Yes, I’ve said this about 100 times now but they don’t shed much if not all. Not only is this great as you’ll have less cleaning up to do but this is also ideal for people who have allergies and are particularly allergic to dog hair. They can roll around on the couch and around you and you won’t have to worry about vacuuming for a while. 
  3. Inner City Living
    As Cavoodles are small they don’t require much physical activity or space to live. This is perfect if you live in a small home or apartment and want some company. Don’t worry about Cavoodle health conditions or separation anxiety, as they are social dogs, they are more concerned about having people around them so if you decide to buy a Cavoodle, be sure to give it lots of TLC. 
  4. They Have Normal Dog Behaviour
    Cavoodles aren’t pretentious pets. They have normal dog behaviour and don’t need fancy toys or a two story kennel all they want and love is your attention.
  5. They’re really smart
    Don’t let their fluffy coats and beautiful eyes fool you, Cavoodles dog breeds are actually really intelligent dogs (taken from their Poodle origin) and are extremely easy to train when they’re puppies 
  6. Great with other small pets
    Cavoodle’s playful nature allows them to be social and live in peace with other pets around your home. Although it can take a little time to socialise them and they can sometimes get a little jelly, once they get accustomed to the other pets in your home they’re a breeze to live with and to have as a pet.
  7. They’re great with kids
    Kids often are drawn to Cavoodles as their fluffy coats ignite similar feelings of excitement as stuffed animals. Cavoodle puppies are great with kids and are gentle and patient. Be aware of the separation anxiety that could arise after splitting your kid from the Cavoodle.
  8. They’re goofy
    Your new Cavoodle will be a bundle of joy and a pleasure to live with. They’re extremely playful and will do anything to get your attention. They’re fluffy fur only makes whatever they do even more entertaining. 
  9. They’re tolerant of goofiness
    Cavoodle dogs bring out the goof in their owners. It is so hard to be serious around these precious pups (and who’d want to anyway be anyway?)
  10. They’re very affectionate
    Cavoodles are extremely sweet dogs and I am pretty sure if they had their way, would sit around getting you to scratch and cuddle them all day. 

    So you’ve decided that a Cavoodle is the right dog for you or your family. It’s time to put on that top hat and call yourself Agatha Christie - time for some investigation. All the dog owners should consider the following points before buying your Cavoodle

    1. Cha Ching
      Cavoodles are an expensive dog breeds. This is because, unlike Mutts, Cavoodles are considered a designer dog. In fact, most of your domesticated furry friends have been genetically engineered.  Due to this, you can pay from Five Thousand dollars, maybe even more. As this is an expensive dog breeds, be careful of dog mills as breeders try to make a quick buck by selling you a Cavoodle that may not be entirely healthy or may have pre existing issues. Do your research!
    2. Meeting the Parents
      Prior to purchasing your Cavoodle, be sure to see its parents or evidence of its parents. To us normal folk, all fluffy dogs look quite similar, so be sure that this ‘Cavoodle’ is not a look-a-like imposter. 
    3. Finding a breeder
      Not only are they expensive but are in high demand. As noted, due to both of these factors Cavoodles are targeted by breeders, being bred in large quantities and then sold off to consumers with a massive profit margin. To find out if the breeder you’re buying your new member of your family from is legitimate and even legal ask them these questions:
      - Their breeder supply number - if they do not have this they may be operating illegally.
      - Ensure that your new Cavoodle Puppy is microchipped. This is different in every state but if your state requires your dog to be microchipped, make sure it is.
      - Also make sure your puppy has had their primary vaccinated
      - Steer clear of puppies under 8 weeks old. It is absolutely imperative that puppy’s under 8 weeks old need to be socialised with their mothers. 
    4. Cavoodle Health Conditions
      Cavoodle are pre dispositioned to a variety of health issues such as hip dysplasia, congenital heart failure and certain neurological diseases. This is why it is important to get your Cavoodle from a proper Cavoodle breeder. Although those diseases seem like alot, the good news is that that’s pretty much where it ends and you’ll rarely find a Cavoodle with any other medical predispositions. 
    5. As a pet
      Cavoodles are great. They usually live to about 13-15 years and make loyal pets and companions. 

    You’ve ticked all the boxes and everything is above board. It’s time to bring your new fur baby home. What do you do? How do you prepare?.


    Bringing your Cavoodle Home

    There are several products to have in your home before your Cavoodle’s arrival. These include food, toys and a sleeping area. There are many dog products on the market, so I suggest speaking to a Vet or your breeder before buying any and bringing your Cavoodle home.


    What to feed your Cavoodle Puppy?

    It’s important that your Cavoodle puppy is on the same diet as they were back at the breeders property. Change in diets must be gradual as a sudden change will result in life threatening gastrointestinal upsets. It is important that your new furry friend is fed a premium diet as nutrition is key especially in these early stages of development. It would also be helpful to ask the breeder what food they are feeding you Cavoodle puppy and to ask the reason why they are not feeding them reputable brands and high quality foods. I even suggest finding another breeder if this is their case. It is important to find the right dog bowl for your Cavoodle. It is important that your Cavoodle eats and drinks from a non-tip bowl and doesn’t eat from the regular bowls that you or your household members eat from. This is because the sound and shape of your bowl excite your Cavoodle. Make sure your Cavoodle gets fresh clean water daily. Be sure to not fill the bowl so that your Cavoodle may drown. 


    A bed or crate for your Cavoodle

    Your Cavoodle must sleep in a dog bed or a crate, particularly as a puppy. Sharing a bed with you can be dangerous as you may roll over during the night, suffocating them. Take particular care in where you put your dog bed as the area must be warm and safe. Make sure your new puppy feels comfortable in this part of the house or apartment. It’s also important that they are put in a place where they are not going to be distrubed when they sleep. If you cannot supervise your new puppy within the first few days (It’s better if you can), section off her area and make the area around the bed a play pen. It’s always ideal to create a smaller area where your puppy feels comfortable rather than the entire house as this freedom may result in injury. 


    Toys for Cavoodles

    When buying dog toys for your Cavoodle, it is important to check the size recommendation on the packet. WIth larger dogs, smaller toys can be swallowed, choking them. Although this may be rarer in smaller dogs it's always best to exercise caution and judgement. You can also ask the seller or breeder which toys they use as not only will it be the right size for your dog but your dog will feel more comfortable playing with its toys. 

    Cavoodle Puppies for Sale in Melbourne, Australia:

    If you're on the hunt for a furry friend that embodies both charm and companionship, look no further than Cavoodle puppies. These adorable mixed-breed dogs have gained significant popularity, and in Melbourne, Australia, finding Cavoodle puppies for sale is an exciting endeavor for dog lovers.


    Cavoodle Shampoo:

    Don’t rush to give your puppy a bath, give them a bath a few days after getting home from the breeders or sellers property. Be sure to purchase Cavoodle shampoo and use warm water to make your puppy’s first bath experience a pleasant one. Prevent your dog's head from going under water by keeping the bath water low. You can even get a friend or loved one to hold their head above water until they get used to it. When it comes to brushing, get your dog in a relaxed state such as lying in your lap. Then, with a very soft brush, brush your Cavoodle for under 5 minutes in intervals. This will teach your Cavoodle to associate the brush with being pat. 

    Cavoodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: A Tale of Two Breeds

    Cavoodles are often likened to their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent due to the blend of characteristics they inherit. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is renowned for its affectionate and gentle demeanor. It's a breed that craves companionship and is skilled at forming strong connections with its human family members. This trait is seamlessly integrated into the Cavoodle's personality, making them exceptional companions that thrive on human interaction and affection.


    There you have it, the process of buying and bringing a Cavoodle home. It is an exciting time for you and your loved ones. Dogs can bring so much joy and happiness to our lives and it is always important to be patient and if needed, seek professional puppy training if any further help is needed. If you’re Cavoodle feels uncomfortable at home, In home training may be the best route to take.