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The Dog Stuff is the best online dog product store that provides a range of reliable and cheap Dog Collars and harnesses. When picking the right collar or harness, there's such a large variety to choose from. Here are just a few.

The Dogs Stuff

Soft Padded Dog Harness:

Your dog is sure to be happy and comfy with our range of soft padded harnesses. It has high-quality padding that makes sure the fit is comfortable on your dog's body without adding any friction from the nylon.
This harness is sturdy and long-lasting and is good for training or walking.
It has the added advantage of having both and front and back hooks allowing you to alternate between the two depending on your dogs walk and your activity.

  • Dog Harness Type: Basic Halter Harnesses
  • Material: Nylon
  • Type: Harnesses
  • Feature: Reflective,Padded,Quick Release


Custom Leather Dog Collar

This Custom Leather Dog Collar also is known as a flat collar. This particular collar is created using 100% premium genuine for a strong, durable and physically powerful collar that makes ideal for daily walking, sports, and any other outdoor activity.
This personalized leather collar comes with a free engraving.

The Dogs Stuff


The Dogs Stuff

Other Flat Collars

The Dogs stuff offers a range of other stylish flat collars to suit your needs. Whether your pup is small or large, we have durable long lasting collars whether needed for walking or just to carry their ID tags.
Depending on your dog and how they like to walk, your dog may pull on a flat collar which can cause long term joint damage for them, and become really difficult for you.
If you feel a flat collar isn’t the best option for you, try looking at our range of harnesses.

Head Collar

This is similar to a horses halter – it slips over your dog's snout and attaches behind its ears. It can redirect your dog's attention and can have a calming effect. It can, however, cause damage to your dog's neck if you tug at it forcefully and some dogs are reluctant to let you put it on.

Back Clip Harness

These are where you attach the leash at the back through either one or two rings. These avoid tension on the neck and can be suitable for short-nosed dogs. The disadvantages, however, is that it can cause back damage and make your dog difficult to control.

Front clip Harness

These clip at the front and can help you better control and steer the dog. It alleviates the strain from their back and shoulders providing long term physical benefits.
Dogs using this collar can still pull a little but not as hard as the other types of collars or harnesses available.

Whatever collar or harness you choose for your dog make sure they provide comfort to them and help you in making walks enjoyable.