The Best Dog Bowls of 2023

Dogs (just like us humans) love feeding time. I read somewhere that dogs actually prefer to have to ‘fight’ for their food. Meaning, they want to search or work out how to get their food. This taps into their primal instincts.

Interactive Feeding Game

As you have probably read in one of my previous articles, it is important that a toy engages your dog cognitively and physically. The Interactive Feeding Game does just that. It encourages your dog to smell it and then spend time working out how to get the food out. 

Automatic Pet Feeder 

Now whoever invented this is a genius! As we go back to a new sense of sanitizer saturated normal, our dogs' diets and routine must be maintained. These automatic feeders call your dog over when it is feeding time and are programable to eject 1-2 cups of food 3 times a day. 

Collapsible Dog Bowl

As restrictions are lifting and we are getting out more and going away the collapsible dog bowl makes life so much easier if you’re travelling. As it isn’t metal it doesn't make a lot of noise when transferring from place to place. 

Slow Feeding Treat and Food Bowl

This is a great one especially if your dog has packed on the quarantine kilos. The Slow feeder bowl makes your dog eat slower, allowing their brain to process their food sooner, stopping overeating. It too, gets your dog to search for food, tapping into their primal instincts. 

Portable Dog Water Bottles

Talking about convenience  this, like the collapsible dog bowl, is ergonomic and allows you to bring it along on trips or walks. The bottle is designed so that no water is wasted when your dog drinks from the head of the bottle. The bottle has a clip on the end which you can clip onto your bag or carry it easily. 

Suction Treat Filled Tug

This bowl is a toy and a feeding device in one. It will keep your dog occupied for hours whilst you are at work or hanging out with friends. Like the slow feeder and interactive feeding game, your dog's primal instinct is tapped into, making your dog happier when they finally get their food than if you just handed it to them in a stainless steel bowl. 

Kong Puppy Feeder

I have always been a fan of Kong and their products. The Kong Puppy, when filled with food, improves your dog's dental hygiene as it rubs your dog's teeth and gums. It also gives your dog the challenge of trying to get all the food out, stimulating them cognitively. 

It is important to go with your dog's primitive instincts rather than against them. Although there is nothing wrong to domesticate your furry friend, owners must understand that their dogs are still animals.