Dog Toys

A Dog Toy is a toy that is typically made for the dogs to play with. There are many varieties of Dog Toys available in the market including bones, balls, tug toys, training aids, squeaky toys, Frisbees, plush toys and sticks. Toys encourage Dogs to exercise and these Dog Toys are designed for different purposes and range of activity levels and play styles.

Selecting the right toy for your dog:

It is important to note that all toys can pose a risk if your dog ingests them, so supervision when they first start playing with them is always a good idea. Playing and chewing are natural behaviors particularly for puppies and a wide variety of Dog Toy options are available, but selecting the right toy can be overwhelming and difficult. So here is the list of toys that will guide you in choosing the best way for your best mate.


Disks and other retrieving toys:

What dog doesn’t like a good old game of fetch? They usually love frisbees and other retrieving toys mainly because they love playing and spending time with you. They may be made up of plastic rubber rope and other material. But you can spend hours plays fetch over fun distances with your dog. A great way to wear them out and the unpredictable nature of a frisbee means your dog will need to really concentrate to figure out where it's going to land. 



Any dog must have a ball toy Ball toys come in many varieties but before choosing a ball toy for your pet, just ensure that the size of the ball is large enough for the dog not to swallow accidentally. There are different quality dog balls whether you’re using it to play fetch, using it as a squeaky chew toy or just an ordinary chew toy. Consider the size of your dog's breeds before picking a ball. There are balls specifically designed for staffy’s for example due to their sheer strength. 


Ball Toy


Rope toys:

Many dogs love rope toys, they can be used to fetch, tug of war or simple chewing. These are also great for their teeth and good strong interaction between you and your dog.


Rope toys

Floating toys:

Floating dog toys are the best for the dogs who love swimming. They are usually made up of foam, rubber, plastic material, and floating material. Always use supervised as they are prone to being pulled to bits.

Benefits of dog toys:

There are so many benefits of the dog's toys, Here are some physical and psychological benefits of the dog toys.

  • Toys provide Dogs with different type’s exercises
  • Dog toys promote healthy teeth and gums
  • They alleviate boredom in some cases
  • They build closer bonds between you and your pet
  • They provide mental stimulation or ‘enrichment’ so your dog stays mentally active and happy.