Chew Toys

Dogs can chew and if they’re chewing at your furniture or belongings, it can be a nuisance and really costly.

Trainers recommend giving your dogs plenty of chew toys to play with to replace the behaviour and teaching them that its OK to chew on their toys (they’re more fun), rather than chewing on your stuff. 

They also advise you rotate your dogs chew toys so they don’t get bored too quickly and revert back to chewing what theyre not supposed to. 

Try some of these hot buys and rotate them every couple of days:

  1. Dental Chew Toy: doubles as good dental hygiene and also great to play catch with
  2. Rubber food dispensing dog toy: hours of entertainment, dispenses food as they chew away. 
  3. Teeth Squeaky Chew Ball: Great for chewing and also makes noise to help keep them entertained 

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