How To Promote Canine Oral & Dental Health | Cheap Online Pet Store Australia

What could be more amazing than seeing dogs smile for the camera and flashing their strong, white, healthy teeth? Pretty much, the smile on fur baby’s face is one of the best things that you could witness every single day. Imagine their cute little grins as they play with a toy you got for them from a cheap online pet store Australia.

Not to mention, it’s contagious, too! Even seeing dog memes on social media can make you laugh out loud and words are not enough to express how much we love having dogs around us. In as much as you enjoy taking a glimpse of canine companions showing off their healthy teeth, remember, it doesn’t just happen - attention and care is required.

Maintaining your dog’s oral and dental health is highly important for his well-being and the earlier you start, the better. It doesn’t even have to be expensive - you just need to follow the right techniques. So to speak, here are helpful tips on how to maintain canine oral and dental health from a cheap online pet store in Australia.

Why Oral & Dental Health Is Important

First off, it is imperative that you understand why oral and dental hygiene is important. Just like us humans, your fur baby’s teeth require utmost care and attention - it is not something that you should neglect as a pet parent. Bacteria build-up in the mouth is the major cause of dental problems, leading to the formation of a film over the teeth which is known as plaque. Thus, with proper oral and dental care, you can prevent the development of any dental health issues, such as periodontal disease.

If you fail to maintain your dog’s oral and dental health, it can lead to worse conditions such as an infection in the root of the tooth. Plus, studies revealed that periodontal disease in pets is linked with diseases of the organs, too, particularly in the liver, kidneys, and heart. As such, you must be responsible to take good care of your canine companion’s teeth to ensure that his well-being is in top shape.

Ways To Promote Canine Oral & Dental Health

In order to maintain your dog’s oral and dental health, experts from a cheap online pet store in Australia suggests the following techniques.

Regular Brushing

One of the most important methods that you should follow in keeping your pooch’s teeth and gums healthy is regular brushing. It should be a regular commitment or at least three times a week to prevent bacteria and plaque build-up. Start with the basic brushing tools such as a soft-bristled toothbrush (ideally, one specifically for pets) or a finger brush and toothpaste. You must help your dog get into the routine of brushing his teeth - be patient and schedule the brushing at the same time and the same location in the house. Ultimately, he will learn the routine when the teeth brushing is expected.

When brushing your dog’s teeth, be sure to use a toothpaste that is perfectly safe for your pooch and it should have a VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council Seal) seal. This way, you can guarantee that the dental product is highly effective in reducing tartar and plaque. These products are available in dog supplies online and you have a variety of options to choose from.

Veterinarian Check-Up

If you think that a regular veterinarian checkup is not required and that you can do it on your own with regular brushing - you’re wrong. Brushing is not enough to ensure that your dog’s teeth and gums are healthy. It is necessary for canine companions to be regularly evaluated for the presence of dental tartar and disease for early detection and if treatment must be applied. In fact, about 80 per cent of dogs and 70 per cent of cats over the age of 3 suffer from a significant oral disease that requires treatment. Hence, a regular checkup is a must.

Furthermore, a veterinarian can help recommend a specific dental plan based on your dog’s overall oral hygiene which is really helpful. Aside from that, your dog’s vet can suggest several commercial diets to improve your pet’s periodontal health compared.

Appropriate Chew Treats from a Cheap Online Pet Store Australia

As of today, there are a lot of synthetic bones and chew toys that are specially designed to strengthen your dog’s gums and teeth. It also helps in keeping your dog’s teeth cleaner. Chew treats like Pedigree Dentastix can get rid of build up and keep teeth strong while keeping your pooch entertained and Savour life Australian Natural Dental Bars can reduce the formation of plaque and tartar.

In choosing appropriate chew toys, always remember to choose the ones that are completely safe for your dogs to use and do not contain any choking hazards. Chew treats come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavours, and you must take time to ensure to find something your dog loves.

Dog Tooth Wipes

To keep up with cleaning your dog’s teeth, you can alternatively use dog tooth wipes. It is a great solution when you are planning to switch up cleaning techniques for your pooch. It is easy to use and it comes in handy. All you have to do is simply rub the wipes against your dog’s teeth to help remove plaque.

Although it doesn’t get into the tiny nooks and crannies that a brush does, so, regular brushing is still required. This is just an alternative method you can use in between brushing.

Nevertheless, dog tooth wipes are a great way to clean your pet’s teeth. On top of that, it is easier to manage than a toothbrush with toothpaste. So, when you are planning to buy dog supplies online, never miss this one out.

Way To Sum It Up

Oral and dental care is undoubtedly important in keeping your dog’s teeth and gums healthy. Yes, it requires time, attention and care but as a pet parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your furbaby is getting everything he needs. Your dog’s overall health and well-being also involve his dental health - remember that. By following the techniques that we mentioned above, it is for certain that your dog will be safe from any dental health issues.

With a proper dental care and maintenance, you can rest assured that your dog’s lifespan will be longer and you can also save money. It can save you from costly and often painful vet visits down the road. Start early with your dog as a puppy, and soon you’ll both be smiling at the camera every time someone says cheese!