Learn Why Your Dog Barks And How Best Dog Supplies Online Can Help

Dogs are born with natural habits like barking, digging and jumping. Although it is a natural habit, barking should not be tolerated and dealt with while your dog is still a puppy. If you have been a pet parent for so long, you have already experienced a whole lot of barking and you have grown accustomed to it.

At some point, you may have asked, why is my dog barking? Is there something wrong with him? If only our canine companions could speak to us, it’ll be a lot convenient and easier. It’s not how nature designed them, though. So, to decipher this behaviour, here are the common reasons why your fur baby barks as well as how the best dog supplies online can help.

Why Does Your Dog Bark?

  • Attention

Dogs often bark to seek attention. Your fur baby can bark as a sign that he wants something from you like going outside, playing, or getting a treat. In such conditions, you should not reward your dog with treats, attention or by giving him what he wants. Otherwise, you will tolerate the development of unacceptable behaviour. As part of his dog and obedience training, you should constructively change this habit.

  • Alarm
  • Dogs barking at the sight of strangers or when someone is at the door is a common body language and vocal signal. It is one of their natural instincts when they sense a potential threat and wants to send them off as to protect their house as well as the people living in it. The sound of this bark is usually sharp, loud and authoritative.

  • Bored
  • Given their playful nature, a dog's boredom can result in barking and at some point, it becomes excessive. Your fur baby may bark just to hear the sound of his own voice as well as to release excess energy and sometimes, he may bark out of loneliness, too. Hence, you must provide him with toys you can find on online dog supplies to avoid boredom.

  • Protective
  • Being territorial animals, dogs are protective in nature and their bark is not just a sign of alarm, but of protection. If a threat is nearby, he will bark to warn us of potential danger in the environment and in order to protect us, he will bark as to protect us from the threat. Your dog will look alert and even aggressive during this type of barking.

  • Separation Anxiety/Compulsive Barking
  • When left alone, dogs can feel fear and anxiety, hence, they are most likely to bark. Being pack animals, your fur baby doesn’t like to be alone. Aside from that, they can also demonstrate other body languages like pacing, destructiveness, depression, and inappropriate elimination.

    How To Stop Excessive Barking

    Excessive barking is an unacceptable dog behaviour that should be dealt with as early as possible. In order to do this, you need to identify the reason why your canine companion is barking in the first place. Once you have already identified the reason, implement positive training or reinforcement to correct this behaviour. You can buy dog accessories online such as leash, collars and muzzles to help you with the training. Dog accessories are helpful especially in keeping him close to you and prevent canine companions from harming other stuff, animals or people. Plus, don’t forget to reward him with treats when he obeys your command or behaves accordingly during the training.