Yummi Beef Liver 120g

Yummi Beef Liver 120g

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Yummi Pet Treats are high-quality all-natural treats. Liver thin treats are made of 100% dehydrated Liver meat.



This product contains no preservatives, no artificial colours & no wheat. The Yummi Pet Product Liver Thins are a great way to treat your tail-wagging best friends.



These premium treats have a juicier flavour, with a strong meaty taste, your dog is bound to love their product. The Yummi Pet Product Liver Thins have a supple texture that keeps them busy gnawing for hours.



These products are invaluable for training your pup or dog to learn new tricks or to treat them behavioral traits that you'd like them to have.



This product comes in a 120g size, Yummi are committed to supplying the best quality natural pet treats at the best possible price.