Twirley Easy Treat
Twirley Easy Treat

Twirley Easy Treat

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the "Twirley Easy Treat", a stimulating slow feeder for dogs that does more than just serve food. This innovative product is designed to slow down your dog's eating process, stimulating their brain and turning mealtime into a fun and engaging puzzle.

The Twirley Easy Treat is not just a feeder; it's a tool that allows your dog to work out how to get their food. This process of discovery and problem-solving is not only mentally stimulating for your pet but also helps prevent issues such as bloating and indigestion caused by eating too quickly.

Available in a vibrant green color, the Twirley Easy Treat is sized at LWH 322518cm, making it a perfect fit for dogs of all sizes. This slow feeder is easy to clean and durable, ensuring it can withstand even the most enthusiastic of eaters.

Turn mealtime into a game and watch as your dog enjoys the challenge of getting their food from the Twirley Easy Treat. It's more than a slow feeder; it's a way to enrich your dog's life with fun and mental stimulation.

Color: Green
Size: L*W*H 32*25*18cm
Item: slow feeder