Savourlife Australian Natural Dental Bars for Med/Lge Dogs (5 Pack), The Dogs Stuff

Savourlife Australian Natural Dental Bars for Med/Large Dogs

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Savourlife Australian Natural Dental Bars are savoury snacks that help with your dog's dental health too! Get two birds with one stone with this healthy treat.

This triple-ridged snack is designed to keep your pup's gums and teeth free of plaque and tartar. Plus, it can also keep your dog's breath fresh and minty.

It is enriched with Vitamin C and Zinc which helps reduce plaque and tartar formation. Parsley and mint are both added on to the all-natural formulation of this dental bar to promote fresh breath.

This product is enriched with vitamins and minerals providing your canine companion with a shiny healthy coat. As an added bonus they are low in fat and salt. SavourLife is a family-owned, Australian company inspired by a passion for dogs and a desire to make a difference.