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Zolux Retractable Curry Comb

Zolux Retractable Curry Comb

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The Retractable Curry Comb is a perfect way to keep your canine companion’s hair silky and smooth no matter what. This product makes it easy to groom your pet’s hair with the assurance that they won’t be hurt due to the nature of the product.

This brush is built to groom, the Retractable Curry Comb’s handle is made to be comfortable and convenient for you to use without hurting your hand. This product works for both long and short hair dogs and is perfect for shedding season.

The Retractable Curry Comb is also known as an undercoat ‘rake’ for dogs, it heavily removes loose undercoat hair, and prevents matting. Although this product works perfect on short hair dogs, it is recommended for thick and heavy coats or double-coated dogs. This product comes in two options, a 13 tooth, and 20 tooth option.