Puppy Pack, The Dogs Stuff
Puppy Pack, The Dogs Stuff

Aussie Dog Puppy Pack

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The Aussie Dog Puppy Pack is a combo pack of 4 great Aussie Dog toys, perfect for any puppy. It contains both Interactive and Alone Play items which ensure that your young pups have plenty to occupy them while with and without you.

Interactive play products include a blue catch ball, a small Get…It (aka Slapathong) and a small ring thong (exclusive to Puppy Packs).

For alone play and to help take their minds off teething, you also get a mini tucker ball.

Type: Dogs

Applicable Dog Stage: Puppies

Category: Interactive Toys

Size: Small, Medium, Large

Material: Plastic

Collection Inclusion: Tuckerball, Ringathong, Get It (aka Slapathong), Catch Ball