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Zolux Plastic Slicker Brush

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The Zolux Plastic Slicker Brush is a multifunctional dog grooming tool that effectively detangles and removes dead hair as well as smoothing out the coat.

This plastic slicker brush also reduces shedding and features soft pins that allow you to remove trapped dirt and loose hair and preventing matting and tangles.

The Zolux Plastic Slicker Brush doesn’t just detangle your pet’s hair, it also gently massages the skin. Skin massage ensures better blood circulation promoting a healthy and shiny coat. Perfect for medium and long-haired pets. 

The Zolux Plastic Slicker Brush is a perfect way to keep your canine companion’s hair silky and smooth no matter what. This product makes it easy to groom your pet’s hair with the assurance that they won’t be hurt due to the nature of the product.