Kong Puppy Tyre
Kong Puppy Tyre

Kong Puppy Tyre

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Kong Puppy tyre suitable for puppys made from gentle kong puppy rubber. 

Great for helping with the teething process and stimulating your pup. 

Can be stuffed with treats of treat paste for extended play time. 

Great for dental hygiene as well as mental stimulation. 

Comes in pink and blue - colours are randomly selected. 


Do Kongs tire a dog out?

Yes, KONG toys can certainly help tire a dog out.

KONGs are more than just a toy; they provide a form of mental and physical stimulation for dogs. When filled with food or treats, they can create a challenge for your dog that requires problem-solving skills to get the treats out. This mental stimulation can be just as tiring for a dog as physical exercise.

What size KONG for a puppy?

  • For puppies up to 5 pounds or up to 20 weeks, use the Small size.
  • For puppies from 15 to 35 pounds, use the Medium size.
  • For puppies from 30 to 65 pounds, use the Large size.