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Kong Puppy

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The Kong Puppy is a highly recommended toy that’s specifically designed with exclusive teething rubber formulas designed for puppies up to 9 months. It is ideal for stuffing with a range of food products and bounces when thrown enriching your pup and providing hours of entertainment and stimulation. Veterinarians and dog trainers suggest that you stuff the Kong Puppy with healthy treats to aid in crate training.
• Type: Dogs
• Age: Puppies
• Product Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 3 inches
• Weight: 4 ounces
• Coulours: Assorted
• Sizing
Small - approximately 7.5cm high, suits puppies up to 9kg
Medium - approximately 9cm high, suits puppies 7 to 16kg
Large - approximately 10cm high, suits puppies 13 to 30kg