Kong Easy Treat Paste, The Dogs Stuff
Kong Easy Treat Paste, The Dogs Stuff
Kong Easy Treat Paste, The Dogs Stuff
Kong Easy Treat Paste, The Dogs Stuff

KONG Easy Treat Paste

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The KONG Easy Treat Paste is a delicious treat that delights all types of dogs while providing an easy no-mess solution for pet parents. It is simply irresistible and comes in three different flavours that your canine pets will love. This easy treat paste is ideal for stuffing into KONG any sort of rubber toys for extended play.

The KONG Easy Treat Paste is a great way to keep your dog occupied whilst playing with their toys due to the attraction to the smell of the paste. By applying this paste, your canine companion will be entertained for hours whilst you can continue about your day. The KONG Easy Treat Paste comes in a variety of flavours including bacon and cheese, puppy paste, and liver.


How do you use Kong easy treat paste?

To use Kong Easy Treat Paste, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Kong toy: Kong toys come in various sizes and shapes. Select the appropriate Kong toy based on the size of your dog and their chewing habits.

  2. Clean the Kong toy: Before filling the Kong with Easy Treat Paste, make sure the toy is clean and dry. This will ensure that the paste remains fresh and uncontaminated.

  3. Insert the nozzle into the Kong: The Kong Easy Treat Paste comes in a can with a nozzle. Insert the nozzle into the small hole at the top of the Kong toy. Make sure it fits securely.

  4. Squeeze the paste into the Kong: Gently squeeze the can to dispense the paste into the Kong. Start by filling the bottom of the Kong, then work your way up to the top. You can also apply the paste along the inside walls of the Kong for added enjoyment.

  5. Optional: Add extra treats or ingredients: If desired, you can mix in additional treats or ingredients with the Easy Treat Paste. For example, you could add small biscuits, kibble, or pieces of fruit to make it more enticing for your dog.

  6. Serve to your dog: Once the Kong toy is filled with Easy Treat Paste, you can give it to your dog to enjoy. They will need to chew, lick, and manipulate the toy to access the paste, which provides mental stimulation and entertainment.

Is KONG paste good for dogs?

Yes, Kong paste can be a good option for dogs. Kong toys are designed to provide mental stimulation and enrichment for dogs, and the Kong Easy Treat Paste is specifically formulated to be used with these toys.