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KONG Ballistic Gliderz Assorted Dog Toy

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The KONG Ballistic Gliderz are a fetching extension of the strong Ballistic family. Dogs are invited in with heavy-duty, reinforced Ballistic material that stands up to tough play. When tossed, the lightweight and durable design creates an erratic flight pattern that entices dogs and offers endless games of fetch.

The KONG Ballistic Gliderz has a squeaker in the middle of the glider that adds an extra form of entertainment, in addition to the ability this product has to float on water count to the excitement and fun.

This product includes 4 assorted colours of the KONG Ballistic Gliderz and comes in two sizes (small and large) to cater for all dog breeds and sizes. The way this toy was produced makes it hard to destroy as it is a very durable product with a compact nature making it easy to pack away.