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Khara 3 in 1 Detangling Shampoo

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The Khara 3 in 1 Detangling Shampoo contains almond oils and natural extracts that provide a silky-smooth coat for your dog and effectively detangles hair. It is designed to gently clean the skin and coat, as well as aid in the control of dermatological conditions. This shampoo is scientifically proven to make grooming much less painful and much more enjoyable for everyone, especially your pets.

The Khara 3 in 1 Detangling Shampoo comes in a volume of 250ml and is the ultimate detangling 3 in 1 Shampoo that provides your canine companion's coat with luscious volume. This product has an effective formula that simultaneously strengthens, cleans, and makes brushing your pet’s hair easy and gentle.