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Francodex Long Hair Shampoo

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The Francodex Long Hair Shampoo supports a good personal hygiene in dogs of all breeds and proven gentle for all skin types. It is the ideal shampoo for long-haired dogs that require a high contribution of nutrients for a strong, healthy and shiny coat. It is specially formulated with Mink oil that helps moisturize dry skin, neutralize pH levels, prevents itching, and supports a tangle-free hair.

The Francodex Long Hair Shampoo contains a dermatologically proven formula that helps combat any type of issues when grooming your long-haired pet. This Francodex product has a gentle and effective formula that effectively cleans and conditions the skin and coat of your dogs. The Francodex Long Hair Shampoo comes in a volume of 250ml and is the ideal shampoo for your long-haired dog. This product has an effective formula that simultaneously strengthens, cleans, and makes brushing your pet’s hair moisturised and gentle.