Francodex Anti-Odour Shampoo 250ml, The Dogs Stuff

Francodex Anti-Odour Shampoo

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The Francodex Anti-Odour Shampoo is specially formulated to help neutralize odours with a lasting effect for dogs. It is dermatologically tested to soothe and relieve itchy skin due to allergies or sensitivity. It effectively washes away allergens that trigger itching and leaves your dog fresh all day. It offers pet relief and lasting comfort.

This product offers relief and lasting comfort for minor ailments such as oily skin and hair, unpleasant odour, and itching. The Francodex Anti-Odour Shampoo is tested, which guarantees that your pet will be looked after even if the product is used frequently. The Francodex Anti-Odour Shampoo comes in a volume of 250ml and is the ideal product to combat any type odour that your canine companion may be dealing with.