Large Snuffle Mat
Large Snuffle Mat
Large Snuffle Mat

Large Snuffle Mat

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This amazing snuffle mat can help your dog spend hours using their nose to search for their food. 

It slows down their feeding and provides enrichment by stimulating their brain. 

Its larger size is suitable for dogs of all size. 


Is a snuffle mat worth it?

Yes, a snuffle mat is generally worth it. It provides mental stimulation for your pet, can slow down fast eaters, and helps burn off energy. However, it's important to monitor pets to ensure they don't chew or swallow parts of the mat.

Are snuffle mats tiring for dogs?

Yes, snuffle mats can be tiring for dogs. They require a lot of mental focus as the dog uses its sense of smell to find and retrieve treats, which can lead to mental fatigue. This mental workout can make a dog feel more physically tired as well.