thundershirt australia

thundershirt australia

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thundershirt australia are a dog anxiety jacket, that is a solution for your dogs that suffer from anxiety die to fireworks thunderstorms or any loud noises


Does ThunderShirt really work?

yes, ThunderShirts do work for many dogs. ThunderShirt is a product often used for dogs who suffer from anxiety, particularly during storms, fireworks, or other loud, unpredictable noises. It works based on the idea that applying gentle, constant pressure on the dog's torso can have a calming effect. This is similar to the concept behind swaddling a baby or using a weighted blanket in humans.

How long can a dog stay in a ThunderShirt?

A ThunderShirt can be worn for extended periods of time and is designed to be safe for dogs to wear for several hours, or potentially even longer. It's important, however, to monitor your dog's comfort and reaction to the ThunderShirt. You should ensure it is not causing any irritation, excessive heat, or discomfort.