Kong Lockit
Kong Lockit

Kong Lockit

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Kong Lockit is a fun treat dispensing puzzle. 

It allows your dog to stimulate their mind and figure out a way to access all their yummy treats. 

fill the pods with treats and lock them with a simple twist. Make it more challenging for your dog by adding more pods to the puzzle. 

This durable toy satisfies your dogs chewing and foraging instincts and is great for mental stimulation. The grooved exterior doubles as a tooth and gum cleaner. 


What can I put in my KONG to freeze it?

A KONG toy can be filled with a variety of treats to create an engaging and long-lasting activity for your dog. When you freeze it, it makes the fun last even longer.

you can use for example : Peanut Butter ,Canned Pumpkin ,Cottage Cheese ,Banana

Are KONG chews safe?

Yes, KONG dog toys are generally considered safe for dogs. They are made from durable, pet-safe rubber that's designed to withstand the strong jaws of dogs. The hollow center of many KONG toys is perfect for stuffing with treats or food, which can keep dogs entertained for a long time.