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Zolux Finishing Scissors with Safety Tip

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The Zolux Finishing Scissors with Safety Tip is the ideal grooming tool for precision trimming around your dog’s sensitive areas such as the eyes, ears, paws, and legs. With its rounded-tip blades, the risk of an injury is avoided.

This pair of scissors is manufactured with lightweight construction, stainless steel, and premium grade plastic for a safe and comfortable pet grooming. It is specifically designed based on professional pet groomer standards.

The Zolux Finishing Scissors with Safety Tip is the perfect grooming tools to maintain your dog’s hygiene. It is also durable and easy to keep clean as it is made from stainless steel. 

The Zolux Finishing Scissors with Safety Tip is the perfect way to keep your canine companion’s hair clean cut no matter what. This product makes it easy to groom your pet’s hair with the assurance that they won’t be hurt due to the nature of the product.


What are thinning scissors used for in dog grooming?

thinning scissors are used in dog grooming to thin out and remove bulk from the dog's coat without changing the length of the hair. They are particularly useful for dogs with thick or dense coats, and they can help to create a more natural, blended look in areas where the coat transitions from short to long. Thinning scissors are also often used to soften the lines left by regular grooming scissors and to blend different lengths of hair together for a more natural look.