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KONG Puppy

KONG Puppy

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The KONG Puppy is a highly recommended toy that’s specifically designed with exclusive teething rubber formulas designed for puppies up to 9 months. This product can roll and bounce when thrown enriching your pup and providing hours of entertainment and stimulation. Veterinarians and dog trainers suggest that you stuff the Kong Puppy with healthy treats to aid in crate training.

The KONG Puppy can be stuffed with treats (insert from the bottom - follow instructions) for your pet to be occupied for hours or your canine companion can simply chew on the toy to keep themselves entertained. The KONG Puppy is an adaptable and almost impossible toy to break is extremely durable.

This product comes in a variety of sizes, including small (7.5cm - puppies up to 9kg), medium (9cm - puppies from 7-16kg), and large (10cm - puppies 13-30kg) to cater to all dog breeds and sizes.


Is A Kong good for a puppy?

Yes, a Kong toy can be a great choice for a puppy. Kongs are durable toys that can withstand a lot of chewing, which is beneficial since puppies often have a strong desire to chew, especially when they're teething. The rubber material is gentle on their gums and can provide relief from discomfort.

Can I give my 8 week old puppy a Kong?

Yes, you can give your 8-week old puppy a Kong, but it should be specifically designed for puppies. Kong makes a line of toys specifically for puppies, made from a softer rubber that is more suitable for their young, developing jaws and teeth.